Assist in travel

Assist in travel

The team at Trunax Health offers a personalised Travel Service providing comprehensive and personalised travel to people living at home or in their local community.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides travel assistance to eligible participants who require support to access disability services. To be eligible for NDIS travel assistance, a participant must demonstrate that they cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty. This includes individuals who require assistance due to physical, intellectual, or sensory disabilities. The NDIS also offers transport assistance to participants who require additional support to attend appointments or activities that are part of their NDIS plan.

There are several types of travel assistance available through the NDIS, including transport allowances, provider travel, and participant transport support. Transport allowances can be used to cover the cost of travel to and from disability services, while provider travel allows providers to claim travel costs associated with supporting NDIS participants. Participant transport support provides funding for participants who require assistance with travel outside of their home to access disability supports.

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