Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination Services

The team are Trunax Health are able to help connect you to the services and programs that you need the most.

The team at Trunax Health helps you to make the best use of your supports in plan. Support coordination is a capacity building support which helps you to:

  • Understand and use you NDIS plan to pursue your goals.
  • Build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports.

You may also wish to focus on a specific goal in your NDIS plan such as those related to finding suitable home and living supports. The team at Trunax Health will assist you fully with a support coordinator who has the skills, knowledge and experience to meet your specific needs.

We will assist you with building a circle of support around your specific needs. ยท and assist you fully with navigating your NDIS Plan, with a focus on getting the best value from your plan.

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